What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an alternative treatment focusing on adjusting the spine and related structures to address issues like gravity-induced pressure, misuse, injuries, and lifestyle factors. It aims to correct spinal misalignments from the top vertebra down to the pelvic bone, using practitioner expertise and tools. These chiropractic adjustments help restore bodily functions, especially by enhancing blood flow to spinal areas. In the sections below, we’ll take you through the As to Zs of chiropractic treatments in Singapore.

Conditions Treated or Managed With Chiropractic

Administered by experts at Natrahea, chiropractic care extends numerous benefits to patients, significantly enhancing their quality of life.
Here’s a closer look at the primary advantages:

Back and Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is particularly effective in relieving back and neck pain, which can stem from poor posture, muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, and other conditions. By realigning the spine and improving mobility, chiropractors at Natrahea can significantly reduce discomfort in these areas.

Headaches and Migraines

Regular chiropractic sessions can play a key role in reducing the incidence and severity of headaches. Addressing issues that may involve the neck and spine, such as cervical spinal stenosis (narrowing of the neck’s spinal canal, compressing nerves and cord), chiropractic care can improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension, which are common contributors to headaches.

Postural Issues

Correcting postural imbalances is a central benefit of chiropractic care. Issues like scoliosis or general poor posture can lead to diminished lifestyle mobility and self-confidence. Chiropractic adjustments support the realignment of the spine, neck, and hips, promoting an improved posture.

Slipped Disc

Chiropractic treatments target slipped discs by gently realigning the spine, thus relieving pressure on nerves, reducing pain, and enhancing spinal function, offering a non-invasive alternative to surgical interventions for spinal disc herniation.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Through specific adjustments and manipulation of the wrist and arm, chiropractic care aims to alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as numbness and pain, by reducing pressure on the median nerve.

Musculoskeletal System

Chiropractic care targets the musculoskeletal system, enhancing joint mobility, alleviating pain, and promoting natural healing. It improves flexibility across various body parts, including elbows and knees, and addresses shoulder and muscle discomfort, from common aches to conditions like Frozen Shoulder. This holistic approach supports overall physical well-being and functionality.


Chiropractic care can offer significant relief for patients suffering from sciatica, characterised by inflammation, irritation, or compression of a nerve in the lower back. By addressing the root cause, chiropractors can alleviate pain that radiates from the hips down to the legs.

Subluxation & Related Conditions

Subluxation, or the partial dislocation of a joint, can be effectively managed through chiropractic care. This treatment is essential for those who have experienced trauma or injury, helping to restore normal function and alleviate discomfort.

Chiropractic Procedure

At Natrahea, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and individualised chiropractic experience. By booking an appointment with one of our specialists, you embark on a journey to alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall health. Our tailored approach begins even before your first adjustment.

Pre-Treatment Assessment and Triage

Spinal Assessment and Health History Review

At Natrahea, the journey to spinal wellness starts with a detailed Spinal Assessment. This includes postural photo analysis and spinal checks to identify any imbalances in the spine. Our chiropractors supplement this with a comprehensive review of your posture, limb length, and medical history, which is crucial in forming a targeted treatment approach. This step also involves examining for potential serious conditions like tumours, infections, or major neurological problems, as well as more common issues like nerve problems or non-specific back pain.

Structural and Mechanical Evaluation

Our family chiropractors delve deeper with a Structural Imbalance Test and a Range of Motion Test. We also employ palpation techniques to identify subluxations, muscle tension, and other irregularities. Additionally, an Objective Posture and Gait Examination is conducted for a precise understanding of your body mechanics, while a Full Spine Segmental Examination helps uncover any vertebral misalignments.

Chiropractic Diagnostic Categories

Identification of Serious Conditions

While chiropractic manipulations may carry certain risks such as subluxations, nerve pinches, and fractures, it’s important to note that Natrahea employs highly qualified specialists committed to the highest standards of care. Throughout the procedure, patient safety is the utmost priority, ensuring a secure and reassuring experience.

Nerve-Related and Non-Specific Conditions

Though rare, chiropractic care can sometimes lead to minor side effects. These can include temporary pain or discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, or mild headaches, often as the body adapts to treatment. Muscle tension may also occur but usually resolves quickly. The likelihood of these complications can depend on individual health factors and the chiropractor’s expertise.

Personalised Consultation

In a one-on-one consultation, our licensed chiropractors take the time to fully understand your health and pain-related issues.
This comprehensive approach ensures a well-informed and tailored treatment strategy, considering every aspect of your well-being.

During the Procedure

Upon completion of the comprehensive assessment and consultation, our licensed chiropractors will then carry out the chiropractic adjustment. Techniques are carefully selected to suit each patient’s unique needs, whether it’s a standard adjustment or a specialised technique for conditions such as scoliosis. The number of sessions and the combination of methods are tailored to monitor and encourage spinal improvement and overall health enhancement.

After the Procedure

After receiving chiropractic adjustments at Natrahea, you can enjoy a wider range of motion, better posture, and less pain. The outcomes vary from person to person but aim towards a significant improvement in quality of life, especially for conditions like frozen shoulders and arthritis, where mobility and discomfort are major concerns.

Self-Care & Maintenance

Post-treatment, Natrahea emphasises the importance of self-care and maintenance to extend the benefits of the chiropractic adjustments. Recommendations include:

  • Ample hydration to facilitate joint, bone, and muscle functions.
  • Increased daily physical activity, critical for those with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Adherence to chiropractor-prescribed exercises to maximise therapeutic efficacy.
  • Aiming for at least 8 hours of quality sleep to foster the body’s recovery.

Experience the bonus of our 3 exclusive treatments and take the first step towards a pain-free life by booking your appointment today. Let Natrahea be your partner in health and well-being.

Types of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care in Singapore offers diverse techniques to keep your body in tip-top shape.
Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 core techniques:


Spinal Decompression

Think of this as a ‘stretch’ for your spine, easing pain and improving flexibility. Picture a chiropractor as a skilled DJ on the decks, but instead of mixing tracks, they’re expertly aligning your bones with techniques like traction, interval therapy, and even hanging you upside down with inversion to give your spine the space it needs.


The Activator Method

This is precision at its best. A handy device delivers a gentle pulse to just the right spots, telling your body how to straighten up, literally. It’s so gentle, you might only hear it, making it perfect for those who prefer a softer touch.


The Diversified Technique

The classic chiropractic move—quick, direct, and might make you go ‘pop’. It’s all about getting your joints moving right, healing injuries, and even easing headaches and jaw pain.


Spinal Mobilisation

This is the chiropractor’s way of oiling your spinal gears, making sure everything moves smoothly. It’s perfect for soothing stiff spines, and it’s a crowd-pleaser for those with back pain or arthritis.


Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Imagine a magic table that moves to help realign your spine with minimal fuss. It’s gentle, efficient, and tailored just for you, keeping you safe and comfortable.


The Gonstead Adjustment

This is chiropractic’s Sherlock Holmes method—precise, analytical, and all about solving the mystery of your back pain by targeting the exact ‘culprits’ in your spine.


Flexion Distraction

Got lower back issues? This method stretches out the problem areas, boosting circulation, and offering relief, especially if you’re dealing with pesky disc troubles.

Other techniques include:

  • Prescribed exercises.
  • Comforting patient reassurance.
  • Heat or cold application.
  • Muscle and tissue stretching.
  • Manual soft tissue therapy, such as massage.
  • Guidance on altering daily activities for pain relief and healing.
  • Nutritional and physical activity recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Utilisation of therapeutic machines like ultrasound, lasers, or TENS for pain management.
  • Custom orthotics: Specialised shoe inserts to support and align the feet.
    Therapies for various body joints, including those in the feet, ankles, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

In short, whether it’s a gentle nudge or a firm (but safe) pop, there’s a chiropractic technique that’s just right for your spine’s needs in Singapore.

Chiropractic Care: Am I a Good Candidate?

Chiropractic care offers a range of health benefits tailored to the unique needs of different life stages and lifestyles.
From the elderly to athletes, and from office workers to those experiencing stress, here’s how chiropractic care can positively impact various groups:
Elderly (Chiropractic for Elderly)
  • Alleviates joint pain and improves mobility.
  • Enhances balance, reducing fall risks.
  • Relieves chronic conditions like arthritis.
  • Contributes to better sleep quality and increased energy.
Children (Pediatric Chiropractic Care)
  • Addresses scoliosis, posture issues, and growing pains.
  • Improves spinal alignment during growth phases.
  • Can aid in headache relief and concentration improvement.
    Supports healthier overall development.
  • Improves joint mobility and muscle flexibility.
  • Aids in quicker recovery from sports injuries.
  • Helps in injury prevention.
  • Tailored care enhances athletic performance.
Office Workers
  • Corrects posture-related issues from prolonged sitting.
  • Reduces back, neck pain, and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Improves ergonomics, comfort, and productivity at work.
  • Alleviates tension headaches.
Pregnant Women (Chiropractic for Pregnancy)
  • Safely manages pain and discomfort during pregnancy.
  • Alleviates back, neck, and joint pain.
  • Tailored adjustments for mother and baby’s safety.
  • Supports healthier pregnancy and smoother delivery.
People Experiencing Stress and Anxiety
  • Relieves physical manifestations of stress.
  • Improves nervous system function.
  • Induces relaxation and better sleep quality.
  • Boosts overall mood and stress management.
Chiropractic care is a versatile and preventative health solution suitable for all. It addresses various physical conditions and promotes overall well-being, making it an essential part of a balanced health regimen. Consider chiropractic care to maintain and enhance your health, benefiting from its holistic approach.
To assess your suitability for the treatment, WhatsApp +65 81386088 for a consultation.  

Who Should Avoid Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic care may not be suitable for individuals with certain conditions, such as severe osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, inflammatory arthritis, or those on blood-thinning medications. Additionally, people who have had recent surgery, stroke victims, and individuals with known bone fractures or tumours in the spine should avoid chiropractic manipulations. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment, including chiropractic care.

Chiropractic vs Traditional Medicine

Chiropractic and traditional medicine, while complementary, exhibit distinct philosophies, treatment methods,
and approaches, as outlined in the comparison below:
Indicator Chiropractic Traditional Medicine
Focuses on normalising spine and central nervous system conditions to enhance health, emphasising spine alignment and subluxation correction.
Addresses health issues through a variety of interventions including medication, surgery, physiotherapy, and other established treatment modalities.
Treatment methods
Employs manual adjustments, encompassing soft techniques, traditional manipulations, and the utilisation of specialised tools.
Offers a broad spectrum of approaches such as drug therapy, surgical procedures, laboratory diagnostics, and physical rehabilitation.
Treatment approach
Tailors treatment to each patient, focusing on specific issues as well as the overall health condition.
Generally follows standardised treatment protocols grounded in scientific research and empirical evidence.

Chiropractic: Complementary Treatments

Enhance the benefits of your chiropractic adjustment by exploring additional treatments available at Natrahea:

Complementary Treatment Synergy with Chiropractic Care
Functional Wellness
Enhances overall well-being through a tailored wellness program that complements the body's specific needs addressed by chiropractic.
Muscle Optimal Therapy (MOT)
Incorporates advanced robotic technology to support and improve chiropractic treatment outcomes.
Stretch Therapy
Improves flexibility and releases tension, complementing chiropractic adjustments by maintaining proper muscle length and function.
Provides a holistic approach to pain relief and healing by stimulating the body's natural energy flow, known as Qi, which can enhance the healing effects of chiropractic adjustments.
Tui Na
Utilises therapeutic massage techniques to balance the body's energy, potentially increasing the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments by relaxing muscles and improving joint mobility.
Gua Sha
Encourages healing by improving circulation and reducing inflammation, which can help to maximise the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and promote faster recovery from musculoskeletal issues.

Connect with our approachable consultants today to learn more about how these treatments can complement your chiropractic care journey.

Lifestyle Changes For Better Spinal Health

Incorporating lifestyle adjustments can significantly amplify the benefits of your chiropractic sessions. Here are key strategies to support your health and bolster the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments:

  1. Engage in Regular Physical Activity: Strengthen your muscles, maintain joint flexibility, and promote spinal health through consistent exercise. Embrace activities like yoga and swimming, known for their spine-friendly benefits.
  2. Prioritise Proper Posture: Alleviate spinal stress and ward off severe back pain by maintaining correct posture. Opt for ergonomic furniture and be mindful of your body’s alignment while walking and sitting.
  3. Adopt a Nutritious Diet: Nourish your spine with a diet rich in calcium, vitamins D and K, protein, and a colourful array of fruits and vegetables to ensure comprehensive nutritional support.
  4. Schedule Regular Specialist Visits: Consistent check-ins with your chiropractor are crucial for preserving optimal spinal condition and preemptively addressing potential issues.

Chiropractic Risks

While chiropractic manipulations may carry certain risks such as subluxations, nerve pinches, and fractures, it’s important to note that Natrahea employs highly qualified specialists committed to the highest standards of care. Throughout the procedure, patient safety is the utmost priority, ensuring a secure and reassuring experience.

Chiropractic Complications

Though rare, chiropractic care can sometimes lead to minor side effects. These can include temporary pain or discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, or mild headaches, often as the body adapts to treatment. Muscle tension may also occur but usually resolves quickly. The likelihood of these complications can depend on individual health factors and the chiropractor’s expertise.

How Much is Chiropractic Treatment in Singapore?

In Singapore, the price of chiropractic treatment varies depending on the policy of the specific clinic providing the relevant services.
Price estimates are available in the table below.
Chiropractic Treatment Price Estimates
Initial Consultation and Examination
Standard Spinal Adjustment
$60 - $80
Spinal Decompression
$80 - $120
The Activator Method
$50 - $70
The Diversified Technique
$60 - $80
Spinal Mobilisation
$50 - $70
Thompson Drop-Table Technique
$65 - $85
The Gonstead Adjustment
$70 - $90
Flexion Distraction
$60 - $80
Additional Tests (X-rays, MRI, etc.)
$70 - $150
Subsequent Visits
$40 - $70 per visit
Extended Session (if applicable)
$90 - $120

Are There Subsidies for Chiropractic in Singapore?

In Singapore, chiropractic care is typically not included under national healthcare schemes like Medisave and MediShield Life, and subsidies are limited. Coverage largely depends on individual insurance plans, and may be available under specific policies such as Accident Policy or Insurance Riders, or through corporate health benefits. It’s important for individuals to consult their insurance providers for detailed coverage information, especially since chiropractic treatments often require multiple sessions. Understanding insurance coverage is essential for financial planning regarding chiropractic care.

How Can I Identify a Good Chiropractor?

Approaching chiropractic treatment in Singapore requires a conscientious attitude to ensure the success of the therapy and safeguard your health.
Here are critical considerations to bear in mind:


Verify the Chiropractor’s Licence

Confirm that the chiropractor holds a valid licence and adheres to Singapore’s legal and regulatory standards. A legitimate licence assures that the practitioner has undergone proper education and passed essential certifications.


Scrutinise the Specialist’s Education

Ensure that the chiropractor is a graduate of an accredited chiropractic institution and possesses current certifications, reflecting a commitment to continuous learning and adherence to industry standards.


Review Feedback on the Specialist

Investigate the chiropractor’s reputation by examining reviews and ratings. Reliable sources include official websites, healthcare platforms, and unbiased patient testimonials, providing insights into the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Why Should I Choose Natrahea for Chiropractic Treatment?

At Natrahea, we combine over 11 years of dedicated service with a proven track record of treating over 100,000 patients, reflecting our deep commitment to health and wellness. Our unique approach integrates chiropractic expertise, functional wellness, and traditional Chinese medicine, offering a comprehensive and holistic solution to healthcare.

Our Circle of Healing Specialists, composed of more than 20 highly qualified professionals, are dedicated to continuous improvement and uphold the highest standards of medical ethics, integrity, and professionalism. They specialise in creating personalised chiropractic treatment plans that cater to each patient’s individual needs.

Experience the Natrahea difference for yourself at a special introductory price today. Discover how our patient-focused care, combining experience with innovation, leads to optimal health and well-being. Join us at any of our 7 clinics for an integrative journey to a pain-free life with our expert manual therapists.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Have Questions?

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?
A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure where trained specialists (chiropractors) use their hands or small instruments to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint, aiming to improve spinal motion and physical function of the body.
Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?
Typically, chiropractic adjustments don’t cause significant pain. Some people may experience mild pressure or discomfort, but this usually gives way to relief quite swiftly.
Is Chiropractic Recognised in Singapore?
In Singapore, chiropractic care is not regulated by specific healthcare legislation, which is common for alternative and complementary medicine. However, this does not imply that the services are inherently risky. Chiropractors in Singapore are expected to follow a code of ethics and practice guidelines set by their professional associations. These measures are in place to maintain standards of care.
Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Everyone?
Certainly. Chiropractic care is generally safe when performed by a trained and licensed practitioner. It is tailored to suit individuals of all ages and conditions, with adjustments made for specific needs such as during pregnancy. However, it’s prudent to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning treatment, especially for those with existing health concerns.
Are Neck Adjustments Safe?
Neck adjustments, when performed by a qualified chiropractor, are generally considered safe. These professionals are trained in delivering precise and gentle manipulations to alleviate neck pain and improve mobility. However, as with any medical treatment, there are risks involved, albeit rare. When in doubt, it’s important to discuss your specific health condition with a chiropractor.
Why do Adjustments Sometimes Make a Popping Sound?
This sound, often heard during adjustments, is due to the release of joint fluid, a process known as cavitation. This is a normal occurrence and generally isn’t a cause for concern.
Will I Need an X-Ray for Treatment?
The need for an X-ray is determined case-by-case, based on the patient’s specific condition and the specialist’s judgement.
Is There a Minimum Age for Chiropractic Care in Singapore?
No. However, individuals under 23 years old must have a parent or guardian present during the session.
Can Pregnant Women Undergo Chiropractic?
Yes, pregnant women can safely undergo chiropractic care. In fact, it’s often beneficial for managing pregnancy-related discomforts like back pain. Chiropractors are trained to provide adjustments that are safe and comfortable for expectant mothers. However, it’s crucial to inform the chiropractor about your pregnancy, as certain modifications to the typical chiropractic procedure may be necessary.
Can Chiropractic Help Babies?
Yes, chiropractic care can be beneficial for babies. Paediatric chiropractic care is designed to be gentle and safe for infants. It’s used to address various issues such as feeding difficulties, sleep disturbances, colic, and ear infections.
Do Athletes Use Chiropractic?
Yes, chiropractic is a favoured choice for athletes aiming for swift recovery and effective treatment of both new and chronic injuries. Athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Venus Williams have acknowledged the benefits of chiropractic.
Do the Benefits of Chiropractic Outweigh its Risks?
Yes, for many individuals, the benefits of chiropractic care, including pain relief, improved mobility, and overall wellness, often outweigh the potential risks. Chiropractic treatments are typically non-invasive and focus on the body’s natural ability to heal. However, the risk-to-benefit ratio can vary depending on individual health conditions, so it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional to determine if chiropractic care is suitable for you.
When Should I Consult a Chiropractor?
Consider booking an appointment with a chiropractor if you’re dealing with persistent back, neck, shoulder pain, or frequent migraines. Chiropractic can also serve as a preventative measure from more serious ailments. If you work an office job, there’s a good chance you’ll benefit as your muscles tend to bunch up more.
What can I Expect on my First Visit to Your Clinic?
Your initial visit involves a thorough diagnostic process to pinpoint the problem’s root cause, followed by the first chiropractic session, often leading to noticeable pain alleviation.
Are Female Chiropractors Available at Your Clinic?

Yes, our clinic includes female chiropractors. You’re welcome to explore our team on the Our Team page and request for a specialist that best suits your preferences.

How Many Sessions of Chiropractic Will I Need?
The number of chiropractic sessions required varies greatly by individual, depending on the condition and its severity. Acute issues may need a few weeks of treatment, while chronic or severe conditions could require several months to a year, with frequent sessions initially. Posture correction and maintenance may involve long-term, less frequent care. A personalised assessment by a chiropractor is essential for a tailored treatment plan.
How Much Does a Chiropractic Trial Cost?

At Natrahea, a Chiropractic Trial costs $38 for Singaporeans, Singapore PR and all Pass holders, and $120 for tourists.

WIll Proper Chiropractic Adjustments be Done During the Trial?
Yes, during the trial sessions at our clinic, proper chiropractic adjustments are performed. These sessions are designed to give first-timers a true experience of chiropractic care, with all procedures conducted by qualified chiropractors. The trial includes a thorough evaluation and appropriate adjustments tailored to your specific needs and health conditions.
How Much Are the Regular Chiropractic Sessions After the Chiropractic Trial?

Every individual treatment plan varies as everyone’s condition is different and will require different variations of treatment for optimal effects! You can visit our clinic and our consultant will advise you during your consultation

Will I be Able to Obtain an Insurance Claim For Chiropractic Sessions?

Our Circle of Healing Specialist will be able to provide you with a memo. However, it is subject to consultation with our specialist. As for whether your insurance is eligible, that will also depend on your insurance plan.


What Our Customers Say

Michelle Lim
Michelle Lim
Read More
The team at Kovan is friendly and approachable. Asyraaf and Dr Youssef are dedicated and sincere in helping you and your body feel better. They also give you practical ways to practice through the week exercises you can do to improve your posture and strengthen your muscles.
Xi Wen
Xi Wen
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Enjoy the stretching there, the schedule is more flexible and possible to get the suitable time. They do provide recommendation of packages due to adjustments take times. If you don’t want you can just let them known, they won’t do hard sale. And you also can let them known your preferred professionals.
Selwyn Lacampuenga
Selwyn Lacampuenga
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*Doctors/Chiropractors where very experience on their field, give advice and informed you on whats happening in your condition
*Staff here where all friendly and give you warm welcome, very accomodating and will notify you on the incoming schedule you make. Thanks Natrahea Kovan🙏🙌🏻
Yap XuanTing
Yap XuanTing
Read More
The staffs there were very friendly and helpful. Dr Jason is a very professional chiropractor and he explained very clearly to me my x-ray results and what my conditions were. After only a few chiropractic sessions with him along with physiotherapy done by Cassandra, I felt that my lower back and neck stiffness has improved significantly. My experience with them have been great so far and I highly recommend this place for chiropractic treatment !
Alvin Koh
Alvin Koh
Read More
I had a constant knee pain and my shoulders always aches due to long hours facing the computer. Dr Loo, Sherry and Cassandra have been very helpful and they have relieved me of my pain. Definitely a great experience here where the staff are always very friendly and accommodating.

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