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Spinal Decompression

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Spinal Decompression

The decompression machine gently extends and stretches your spine, creating negative intradiscal pressure. This changes the position of your spine, retracts bulging or herniated disks and relieves the pressure felt on your nervous system. The lower pressure then carries fluids with healing nutrients and oxygen to your disk.

Commonly used to treat

Acute / chronic​ neck pain
Sciatica Pain
Slipped Disc
Acute or chronic lower back pain

What you can expect

First Session

Digital analysis and consultation with the our specialist discussing your particular case. Examination of posture and spinal alignment performed.

During the procedure

Our specialists gently secure you to the treatment table. The machine uses motorised traction to gently stretch and retract the spine, to relieve pressure on your nerves and reduce slipped or bulging disc.

Desired outcome

Most people obtain adequate pain relief and improved ability to return to regular activities after their prescribed treatment cycle.

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Combine solutions for better results


straightens your skeletal system

Centuries-old chiropractic restores your spine and joint’s natural order, through hands-on adjustments or spinal decompression.


streamlines qi or ‘life energy’ throughout your body

Our TCM practitioners ensure that qi or ‘life energy’ is flowing harmoniously along your meridian lines using acupuncture, tui na, or cupping. The prescribed herbs help detoxify and strengthen your organs.