Minimising your recovery time is just part of our goal - NATRAHEA 康愈源

Minimising your recovery time is just part of our goal

What we really want, is to inspire you to actively take care of your health.

First Circle of Health Program in Asia

Our Philosophy

At NATRAHEA 康愈源, we believe passionately that our bodies are masterfully designed to heal itself. An ideal balance of the body’s qi, skeletal and muscular elements is what keeps us healthy and energetic.

Perfectly safe and non-invasive treatments like Chiropractic, TCM, Functional Wellness rebalance our body’s elements to make room for natural self-healing.

Practicing Chiropractic, Functional Wellness and TCM side by side works wondrously and achieves effective results. These treatments are worlds apart, but that’s what makes them extraordinary together— they complete the circle of healing.

Our Vision

NATRAHEA strives to be a global nexus for total wellness by reaching out to each and every individual with our world-class service, based around a natural, non-surgical, drugless and non-invasive approach.

Our Mission

NATRAHEA strives to improve everyone’s quality of life through the promotion of total health, leveraging on our core competencies in Chiropractic Care, Functional Wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine to deliver exceptional yet affordable service within a comfortable and caring environment.

We Are Dedicated

At NATRAHEA, we take pride in providing premier healthcare services of the highest quality through personalised service which enables us to impart useful and up-to-date information to all our customers.

We Aspire To Inspire

Apart from alleviating patients’ medical issues, our ultimate goal is to inspire, educate and encourage individuals to become active participants by practising vigilance and due diligence towards the health of their personal well-being.

We Are Certified

All our Doctors of Chiropractic and physicians are certified professionals who perform their work to exemplify ethics, integrity, professionalism, and service excellence only of the highest level. Our highly qualified professional therapists are trained to identify and develop customized plans to promote the ability of movement, pain relief and restore bodily functions throughout life.

We Are Safe, Proven & Effective

Through a natural, holistic approach, our treatments are safe, drugless, non-surgical, non-invasive, proven and have received endorsements by clinical and healthcare experts/authorities within the medical community based in USA.

We Are All-Natural

NATRAHEA advocates a stringent policy against the use of any prescribed drugs or surgeries. All NATRAHEA products used during treatments are wholly produced from natural ingredients and have undergone rigorous scrutiny to ensure they meet our quality benchmark.

We Are Suitable For Everyone

All treatments are suitable for all ages and gender unless stated otherwise.