Orthotics - NATRAHEA 康愈源



Custom-fitted insoles that fit the exact contours of your feet, improves support, increases comfort, and reduces pain.

Commonly used to treat

Foot pain while standing or walking
Recurrent muscle tears and strains
Calluses and corns
Achilles tendonitis
Shin Splints
When shoes wear out unevenly

Muscle tightness
Back, Knee, Neck Heel and Hip pain
Morton’s Neuroma
Patella femoral syndrome
When shoes wear out unusually quickly

What you can expect

First Session

A digital analysis using a sophisticated device called the Architect. The Architect determines whether there is a biomechanical flaw in your foot.

During the procedure

The report is sent to our partner lab based in Canada. Here, highly experienced podiatrists study your specifics, including activity level, and custom-build your orthotic.

Desired outcome

Significantly less pain and a correct posture.

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If you’ve been neglecting dull pain for some time now or have a strong sense that your body is imbalanced, don’t sit on it. You deserve to be comfortable all the time.

Combine solutions for better results


straightens your skeletal system



streamlines qi or ‘life energy’ throughout your body