Back Pain, Slipped / Herniated Disc and Degenerative Disc

Ms.Jinjer Hernandez
"A relative recommended me to NATRAHEA. I was suffering from Back Pain, Knee Ache and Neck Ache. After half a year of treatment, I felt more flexibility on my back and less neck pain."
Pang NH
"My son recommended me. He did the treatments before and found them useful. I did both Chiropractic & Physiotherapy. I was having stiff back and neck. After chiropractic, I found that I was able to have straighter back and better posture. The physiotherapy session also helped as I learnt quite a few stretching techniques. I found my health to improve overall. Having better posture also helped with my overall confidence"
Zakaria Solo
"Highly recommended, Used to have cramps on my right leg due to my back problem. After a month's session of chiro & decom, the cramps are gone! Thanks to NATRAHEA Novena Medical Center."

Neck Pain And Whiplash

Kev Ku

"I recommend coming to visit them when you have any problems as they are very helpful and kind in dealing with this problems.

I initially had neck pain before visiting them and after I visit them, the pain subsided and my life has improved, e.g. sleep, posture."

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Headaches And Migraines

Mdm Fam
"Before coming to NATRAHEA, I’ve been experiencing headaches and lower back pain for years. After going for chiropractic adjustments with NATRAHEA for a month, i feel good! I do not require pain killers anymore. Thank you NATRAHEA!"
"I used to get migraines and feel very lethargic on a daily basis. However after going for chiropractic adjustments with NATRAHEA, I feel more refreshed everyday and I seldom get migraines now!"
Mdm Chan
"Chiropractic adjustments here have helped me with overcoming my headaches and migraines. I am very happy that I chose NATRAHEA as my Chiropractic clinic."

Spondylosis, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis

Mdm Moe
"The chiropractic adjustments at NATRAHEA have assisted me greatly with my posture. The pain in my joints has also improved tremendously."
Mdm Tan
"I enjoy going to NATRAHEA for my chiropractic adjustments because it makes me feel much better. The staff here are also very friendly!"
Mdm Seow
"Old age has brought me health problems I never thought I would have – one of which is frequent back aches. I am no longer as strong, so I try to manage the situation better. The staff at NATRAHEA are all very good, and they help me feel less pain through the chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy."


Andy Liu
"My back pain has been bothering me for many months. At first I was skeptical about NATRAHEA but after going through their chiropractic programme, my pain is gone. I would suggest people to give chiropractors a shot!"
Mdm San
"I have scoliosis and this has caused my spine to shift and hence my body weight is distributed unevenly to one side. After coming to NATRAHEA and going through chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy and also supplements, I have significant improvements in my posture and i feel more energetic. Thank you so much NATRAHEA for taking extremely good care of me."
Aqil has scoliosis. He has already been with NATRAHEA for more than 6 months now and has shown vast improvements. He currently has better posture and his pain has reduced greatly. Aqil’s parents have expressed their gratitude to NATRAHEA for helping him get better through our chiropractic sessions.


"I am super thankful to have been able to engage NATRAHEA for their chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment. I feel so much better and energetic now and I’m looking forward to continue my treatments with NATRAHEA!"
Mdm Efie
"My back pain comes and goes, but it was only after attending chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy sessions at NATRAHEA that I began feeling much better. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my back, and this has allowed me to move more naturally."
Mdm Low
"I feel better now! Physiotherapy has helped with my pain. Thank you NATRAHEA!"

Numbness / Tingling

Mr. Velusamy
"I had lower back pain and numbness and I searched the website and found NATRAHEA clinic. Here I received good guidelines and care. It is my first time taking medication for my lower back pain (due to it's severity). At NATRAHEA, I was cared for very well. After having 12 treatment sessions here I feel more relaxed and my pain is relieved."
Mr Ganesh
"I was suffering from numbness and had tingling sensations at both my hands. I was also suffering from lower back pain. After visiting NATRAHEA, these conditions have improved tremendously. Thank you Dr Hal and Dr Sam for the chiropractic adjustments. I feel like the conditions have improved by 80%. I cannot wait to get back to 100% with the help of NATRAHEA. Thank you for helping me."
Murali Gtee Rani
"I have been having numbness and also a tingling sensation on my right hand and right leg. After going through about 16 chiropractic sessions with NATRAHEA, the numbess is gone! Thank you NATRAHEA for helping me get better!"

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot Conditions

Mr Ang
"My wife and I have been patients of NATRAHEA for more than 2 years. The chiropractic adjustments we received have helped us reduce our pain greatly. We are very happy to choose NATRAHEA as our family Chiropractor."
Mr Tng
"I always feel great after my chiropractic sessions at NATRAHEA. The staff will always make you feel at home. I came to NATRAHEA with a sever frozen shoulder and nerve impingement that affected my sleep and daily activities. After undergoing their therapy, my frozen shoulder symptoms are gone and I feel GREAT! Thank you NATRAHEA– Well Done!"
"After a few chiro and functional wellness sessions at CPF Jurong outlet, my shoulder feels much better. My body feels more flexible and at ease, not so tight anymore. All the staff there are very friendly and cheery."