Treating ADHD With Exercise & Chiropractic Care
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects somewhere between 3% to 7% of school-age American children.
Back and Neck Pain Can Deprive You of Sleep
Chronic pain in the neck and low back can cause a host of lifestyle problems and health complications.
Chiropractic Thaws Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
Many patients with shoulder pain are told have surgery, get steroid shots, or take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain.
Immediate Relief of Hip Pain After Manual Therapy
Manual therapy can lead to immediate improvements in hip pain, a new study suggests.
Chiropractic Helps Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
A new case series suggests that chiropractic care could ease musculoskeletal pain in people with multiple sclerosis.
Chiropractic Relieves Sciatica After Failed Back Surgery
Up to 40% patients continue to suffer from low-back pain and sciatica even after surgery.
Chiropractic has Greater Patient Satisfaction than other Medical Care
Research has shown that patients with back pain rate chiropractic care higher than other medical care for satisfaction with their treatment
Why Chiropractic Works: Research Explains Biology of Spinal Adjustments
Studies show that chiropractic can reduce musculoskeletal symptoms, and new research is beginning to explain why.
Are High Heels Really That Bad for Back Pain?
Many women have been chided for wearing high heels, since doctors argue that it can alter the curvature of spine and cause back pain.
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