How Many Women Seek Natural Care in Pregnancy?
Nearly half of pregnant women are turning to complementary and alternative medicine, suggests the results of a new study from Australia.
Why Are Active Children Happier?
Studies have shown that children who exercise report happier moods and fewer depression symptoms than kids who are less active.
Exercise for Kids May Strengthen Bones Later in Life
Previous research has shown the many benefits of daily exercise for kids, including fighting obesity, better sleep, and preventing stress.
Exercise As Good As Surgery for Knee Pain
Considering knee surgery? You may not want to rush into the operation room, a new study suggests.
Is the Brain to Blame for Migraine?
According to a new study, people who have migraines may have structural differences in parts of the brain associated with pain.
OxyContin, Vicodin May Worsen Disability of Back Pain
Popping a pill may ward of back pain for now, but new research shows that relying too heavily on medications may lead to worse symptoms later on.
Preventing Work-related Pain With Chiropractic Care
Two thirds of employees in industrialized nations spend their days sitting in front of a computer at a desk job
Treating ADHD With Exercise & Chiropractic Care
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects somewhere between 3% to 7% of school-age American children.
Back and Neck Pain Can Deprive You of Sleep
Chronic pain in the neck and low back can cause a host of lifestyle problems and health complications.
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