Is the Brain to Blame for Migraine?
According to a new study, people who have migraines may have structural differences in parts of the brain associated with pain.
OxyContin, Vicodin May Worsen Disability of Back Pain
Popping a pill may ward of back pain for now, but new research shows that relying too heavily on medications may lead to worse symptoms later on.
Preventing Work-related Pain With Chiropractic Care
Two thirds of employees in industrialized nations spend their days sitting in front of a computer at a desk job
Treating ADHD With Exercise & Chiropractic Care
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects somewhere between 3% to 7% of school-age American children.
Back and Neck Pain Can Deprive You of Sleep
Chronic pain in the neck and low back can cause a host of lifestyle problems and health complications.
Chiropractic Thaws Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
Many patients with shoulder pain are told have surgery, get steroid shots, or take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain.
Immediate Relief of Hip Pain After Manual Therapy
Manual therapy can lead to immediate improvements in hip pain, a new study suggests.
Chiropractic Helps Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
A new case series suggests that chiropractic care could ease musculoskeletal pain in people with multiple sclerosis.
Chiropractic Relieves Sciatica After Failed Back Surgery
Up to 40% patients continue to suffer from low-back pain and sciatica even after surgery.
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