Chiropractic Helps Patients Avoid Back Surgery, Study Shows
Chiropractic patients are more likely to avoid the need for surgery compared to patients under traditional care for back pain, according to a new study from the journal Spine.
Physician Prescribes Less Medication When Working with Chiropractor
The treatment of musculoskeletal disorders like back pain varies widely across health-care specialties.
Chiropractic Effective for Jaw Pain and TMD
Many patients suffer from host of symptoms after an auto collision: neck pain, whiplash, headache, and even jaw pain.
Chiropractic Eases Patient’s Spinal Condition: A Case Study of Scheuermann’s Kyphosis
Scheuermann’s kyphosis, first identified in 1921, is a spinal condition involving at least three wedged adjacent vertebrae of 58 curvature or more.
Ear Infections: Can Chiropractic Help?
Otitis media (OM), or ear infections, are one of the most common reasons for children’s doctor visits.
Chiropractic Best Option for Sports-related Back Pain
Up to 40% of athletes suffer from back pain, and many are forced to sit on the sidelines as a result of their disability.
Study Says Sex is Better for Headaches Than Drugs
For many migraine sufferers, sex is the last thing on their mind when a headache hits.
Diabetes Drug Maybe Not the Answer for Obesity
Primary results of a clinical trial for using high doses of a diabetes drug to treat obesity were announced today, and the effectiveness is underwhelming at best.
Women With Back Pain Suffer From Incontinence and Breathing Problems
In a longitudinal study on women’s health, researchers looked at the relationship between back pain
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