How does acupuncture help with anxiety, stress and depression?
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of life energy through your body is referred to as ‘qi’.
How to manage post-surgery pains
Pain doesn’t have to be suppressed with medicine; there are alternatives that serve the same purpose albeit without straining the liver to rid the body of unwanted by-products.
5 ways to treat muscle tears
Muscle tears or strain and pulls broadly refer to damage to a muscle or connected tendons surrounding the muscle.
Therapeutic Stretch
Therapeutic Stretch, also known asstretch therapy,is designed predominantly to treat individuals in regaining muscle functionality that has been affected overtime.
TCM & Pain Management: Needling The Facts On Acupuncture
DID YOU KNOW? The efficacy of acupuncture for pain management is recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO
TCM For Athletes: Change The Game
Hit a plateau in peak performance?
TCM For Neck & Shoulder Pain: Lift The Ache Off Your Shoulders
Chronic neck and shoulder pain may seriously impact your quality of life.
Shot In The Arm: TCM For Boosting Muscle Strength & Pain Relief
Did You Know? The spleen is responsible for nourishing joint muscles, converting essential nutrients into qi and blood.
TCM For Headaches & Migraine: Lift The Ache Off Your Shoulders
Did You Know? Migraine is the third most common condition in the world, affecting 1 in 7 people.
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