90% of Herniated Discs Improve with Chiropractic
A new study confirms the vast majority of patients with lumbar disc herniation can find relief with chiropractic care.
Functional Wellness & Chiropractic Effective for Back and Neck Pain
Functional Wellness and Chiropractic Both Effective for Low Back and Neck Pain Treatment
Chronic Low Back Pain and Functional Wellness
The Efficiency of Functional Wellness on Chronic Low Back Disorder
Functional Wellness For Everyone
Functional Wellness is an essential exercise routine to maximize the body’s functional capacity.
Spinal Decompression Therapy
Spinal Decompression Therapy uses a motorized traction to relieve back pain. Spinal Decompression changes the force and improper position of the spine by gently stretching the spine.
UOB & Natrahea -Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes Talk
In partnership with UOB, we would like to thank Mewah Oils & Fats Pte Ltd for inviting us to conduct a corporate talk on how to manage and prevent diabetes.
Orchid Country Club & Natrahea -Trigonal Health Screening
We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Singapore Orchid Country Club on the 24th and 25th Mar to educate golfers on the importance of spinal and muscle balance for a healthy and consistent golf swing.
Studies shows how chiropractors can help prevent injuries in runners
Chiropractors do not simply “crack” joints, contrary to popular belief. According to Scott Duke, D.C, owner of Duke Chiropractic in New York City, this misconception is commonly perpetrated.
The truth about back pain: Don’t rely on drugs or quick fixes
Back pain is one of the most common pains that is suffered by many people worldwide.
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