Seniors Prefer Chiropractors and Medical Doctors to Coordinate
Anyone who suffers from chronic conditions is probably familiar with shuffling between doctors appointments and receiving care from more than one provider.
Chiropractic Superior for Spinal Pain
Chiropractic care was significantly better than a sham treatment in alleviating spinal pain for patients in a new study.
Avoiding Fast Foods Over the Holidays
Busy holiday schedules may make parents more likely to stop at Wendy’s or McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat
Neck Adjustments Immediately Improve Joint Position Sense
New research shows that spinal adjustments can result in immediate improvements in cervical joint function.
What’s the Right “Dose” of Chiropractic Care?
Patients new to chiropractic often wonder, “How long will it take to recover from an episode of back or neck pain?”
Chiropractic May Lower Blood Pressure
Nearly a third of Americans have high blood pressure, putting them at risk for heart disease, stroke, and number of health conditions.
5 Migraine Treatments to Avoid
At least five of the most common medical treatments for migraines are unnecessary and potentially risky
Athletes Jumped Higher with Chiropractic
Athletes with ankle problems had improved jumping performance after receiving chiropractic care in a new pilot study.
Surprising Number of Headaches Tied to Chewing Gum
New research points to a surprising cause of headaches in teens: bubble gum.
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