Most Common Kid Sports Injuries
While physical activity is beneficial for children’s health, it can lead to sports injuries in the growing bodies of young people.
Evaluating the Backpacks of Teens with Back Pain
With the end of summer just around the corner, here’s something to consider when you’re shopping for school supplies: how heavy is your child’s backpack?
Why Everybody Needs Functional Wellness Treatment
What is Functional Wellness?
Cervical Disc Herniation Eased By Chiropractic
New research shows the chiropractic can produce clinically significant reductions in pain for patients with cervical disc herniation.
Don’t Work in Pain, Turn to Massage and Chiropractic
Most people who work at a desk are familiar with the aching sensation that arises in your neck, back, and shoulders after a few hours of computer work.
Sleep Deprived Men Buy More Junk Food
Anyone trying to lose or maintain weight has experienced this before
More Young People with Neck and Back Pain
The generation of Facebook and smartphones is starting to suffer from the tolls of a sedentary life.
Thaw Frozen Shoulder with Chiropractic Adjustments
Perhaps you’ve always known you have a stiff shoulder, but suddenly, as you’ve grown older, that soreness is starting to interfere with your daily life and ability to sleep.
Pulmonary Disease Eased By Chiropractic
Combining chiropractic with exercise therapy could improve symptoms for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to new research.
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