13 Dec 2021

It has long been Natrahea’s philosophy that the body’s ability to heal itself is incredible and very much downplayed. Our ‘Circle of Life’ theory supports the belief that the body’s three fundamental elements of ‘qi’ as well as the skeletal and muscular features must synergise for optimal heath, wellness and energy in order to stay energetic and fit.

‘Circle of Healing’ has three main elements that have to be dynamically engaged in order for the body to be balanced — Chiropractics, Functional Wellness and TCM. These therapies uniquely combine the advantages derived from each practice into a wholesome, holistic and well rounded solution.

So how does the ‘Circle of Healing’ work?

After our health advisors and therapists conduct a digital posture analysis in order to assess the existing condition of the body and through a pre-consultation to identify key areas that have been the cause of pain or discomfort, a chiropractic and functional wellness session will be organised with the ‘Circle of Healing’ specialists. These specialists would be better able to explain the treatment process and will provide more in depth explanations about the different treatments required.

Depending on the different therapies offered, the therapists might suggest a blend of chiropractics, TCM and rehabilitative massages or workouts. Chiropractic adjustments are non invasive, safe and painless with the aim to correct misalignments or to restore the normal function of the spine and nervous system in order to return the body to a fuller range of motion without pain. This restorative treatment is most commonly employed for neck and lower back pains, subluxations occurring when the joint doesn’t function like it is supposed to), frozen shoulder, incorrect spinal posture as well as for migraines and headaches.

Combined with TCM that streamlines the ‘qi’ that flows through the body through traditional methods like acupuncture, ‘tui na’ or cupping and functional wellness methods in the form of day exercise and massages or other rehabilitative treatments to strengthen the muscles to increase mobility, these one on one sessions with our therapists aim to enhance muscle performance and range of motion. These treatments are commonly used for pain management, post surgery recovery, muscle imbalance as well as for sports and work injuries.

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