05 Nov 2021

Stemming from the Greek word ‘ortho’ meaning to straighten or align, orthotics are, simply put, external devices that help in correctly aligning or improving the functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.

Such devices, although commonly associated with the feet, actually have a broader spectrum of use which include the head, trunk as well as the lower and upper extremities. Orthotic devices can also be further categorized into three segments depending on their function; for paralysis, relief and as soft braces.

Typically, podiatrists recommend orthotic devices such as custom-fitted insoles that fit the exact contours of the feet to improve support and comfort while reducing pain. In some cases, specially fitted braces may also be used for lower extremity pains or muscular tightness. These devices may also be used to correct the neuromuscular and skeletal system through realignment of the muscles at the feet.

Braces are not limited to the feet, ankles or heels either; braces for the wrist, arm, spine and neck are also available to alleviate the pain and difficulty of those who suffer from debilitating pain. Those who suffer from foot pain - regardless of a standing position or while walking; people with physical imperfections like bunions, calluses or corns; sufferers of recurring muscle tears or sprains, muscle tightness or Achilles tendonitis; those with flat feet or feet that overpronate causing the wearer to go through shoes faster than they can break them in, can delve into the beneficial world of podiatry.

For an initial session at NATRAHEA, a digital analysis is conducted using the Architect - a sophisticated and state-of-the-art device that determines if a biomechanics flaw can be identified in the foot. The analytical report is then sent to a partner lab in Canada where highly skilled and highly trained podiatrist with many years of experience under their belt scrutinize the data and custom build made-to-measure orthotic devices. The ultimate aim is for the orthotic user to regain correct posture with significantly less pain and discomfort.

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