26 Oct 2021

The Indians have Ayurveda, the Japanese have Reiki, and the Chinese have Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for short. It is heartening to see ancient practices and ingredients that have cured many ailments still going strong in this modern age. These traditional methods have also become intertwined with cultural identities and have served as alternatives to western medicine.

Most people of this generation are used to popping pills to cure illnesses but in the olden days, incredible herbs and natural ingredients were used to carefully balance out the qi, or vital life force, to realign the body’s natural energy flow. These are just some of the ingredients and methods that are used to naturally reconfigure the body’s condition.

Ginseng - As one of the best-known oriental herbs, this incredible root and adaptogen aids the body’s reaction to stress and deflects the aging process. With its ability to boost the immunity and stave off disease and infection, it makes ginseng a prized ingredient for longevity.

Lingzhi - Famed for its long history of use in many Asian countries, this mushroom is believed to have the ability to increase energy, bolster memory and enhance immunity to fight against the signs of aging.

Goji berries - Otherwise known as wolfberries, these small red berries pack a punch as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C as well as fiber. They can also combat inflammation and are believed to benefit the kidneys, which is thought to be the core of human vitality. They can be easily consumed dried or steeped in teas.

Hawthorn berries - Of Haw Flakes fame, these tart berries are commonly used as a digestive or to reduce heartburn, nausea and indigestion. There is some evidence in modern research that it might also help with cardiac weakness.

Jujube - These red dates are also known as Chinese dates and feature predominantly in Asian remedies to boost blood circulation, calm the nerves, sooth mental anxieties, and more commonly for treating insomnia.

Licorice root - Another crucial ingredient in TCM is licorice root as it is believed to be instrumental in restoring and balancing vital energies, removing heat in the body, aiding digestive function, and soothing coughs. It’s a substitute for sugar in making bitter tonics to help them go down easier.

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