12 Oct 2021

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of life energy through your body is referred to as ‘qi’. Qi circulates through the body on energy channels known as meridians. There is a belief that should this energy become blocked, which could happen often enough because of stress or physical pain, a person becomes more susceptible to illness and disease.

This is where acupuncture takes center stage as it is believed to help ease blockages, restore energy flow and rejuvenate the mind and body.

For a clearer perspective, these are the 12 common meridians grouped into two groups consisting of both yin and yang — the top half and bottom half of the body.

Group 1 consists of the three yin meridians of the heart, lung and pericardium and three yang meridians of the small intestines, large intestines and San Jiao (the hollow area at the trunk of the body). Group 2 houses the yin meridians of the liver, kidney and spleen while the three yang meridians are the urinary bladder, gall bladder and stomach in the lower part of the body.

For those tired of trying home remedies or feeling that the side effects of Western anxiety or depression medicines are a bit too much for the liver to handle, acupuncture is an alternative. It is not a cure-all but could help to re-align the qi in the body to encourage the body to be more receptive of good energy flow.

Having been around for more than 3,000 years, acupuncture, simply explained, is the introduction of thin thread-like needles into specific nerve points (or sensory nerves) around the body that help to release the blockages of life energy. In some instances, the acupuncture therapist will stimulate the needles by hand or with an electric current to get the neurochemical flow going.

When used as a holistic approach to heal, acupuncture comes in especially useful for those going through depression or anxiety as the nerve stimulations are able to reach the receptors in the brain more naturally than by ingesting medication over prolonged periods of time. There’s even the added bonus of having no side effects because it’s natural!

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