30 Sep 2021

Muscle tears or strain and pulls broadly refer to damage to a muscle or connected tendons surrounding the muscle. We don’t have to be an athlete or professional dancer to incur muscle injuries on simple day-to-day activities during sports, sudden heavy lifting or even taking a misstep can result in pain, swelling or bruising.

Many of us tend to take sprains and twists in our stride (pun unintended) and refrain from seeking medical help. So, how do we know it’s bad? Are we doing the right thing by tolerating the pain and discomfort by hoping the application of ointments or medicated patches would rid us of the pain eventually?

How do we treat non-life-threatening injuries for external muscle tears?

Remember this word — PRICE.

  • Protection
  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

For the first few days after the injury has occurred, rest the muscle to prevent deterioration, and ice the injury to prevent further swelling. Consequently, after the pain subsides, heat may be used to promote blood circulation for regeneration of the muscle strands. Compression devices such as ACE bandages or other forms of elastic bandages that do not constrict and instead provide some support for the injured area can be used. Elevation is also crucial to keep pressure off the injured area and to keep swelling under control.

As with any injury, there may be a need for a medical professional to assess the injury. If there is swelling, bruising or redness due to the injury; pain at rest or when the particularly affected muscle or joint is used; a weakness of the muscles, tendons or ligaments or more critically — when a muscle is incapacitated, visit our doctors immediately. We offer a wide range of holistic healing treatments. From consultation, to pinpoint the clients concerns and design a custom treatment regime unique to every client, to physical therapies for a multitude of different injuries. We have an answer for it all!

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