14 Jan 2021

Stretching is common isn’t it?

This is indeed a common question we may ask ourselves. It may seem like a simple task for most of us, but the question is: Are you aware of the kind of stretches that are optimal for your body’s condition?

Stretching is a common behavior in many spheres of human activity. Be it right when we wake up in the morning, or simply a stretch amidst the hustling day, it gives our muscles a temporary relief. However, stretching may do more harm than good to your body when it is done incorrectly.

Muscle stiffness and restricted range of movement are rising conditions in this era among people from all walks of life.This highlights a need for professionally facilitated stretch therapy as it helps a specific muscle or muscle group to improve its flexibility and ease stiffness.

What is Therapeutic Stretch?

Therapeutic Stretch, also known as stretch therapy, is designed predominantly to treat individuals in regaining muscle functionality that has been affected overtime. It is focused on using stretching as a rehabilitation of common musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. The muscle is flexed in order to improve its flexibility and achieve a comfortable range of movement. The ultimate goal is to ease chronic or existing pain, knotted muscles and stiff joints.

How is Therapeutic Stretch done?

It is done by moving your body into the posture that stretches specific muscles, depending on the condition and need of the body. This will help manipulate your body and limbs to stretch out all your kinks and pain. No drugs, injections or invasive procedures are involved in this treatment.

Who needs a Therapeutic Stretch?

Men & Women of all ages!
Stretch therapy is the safest and most efficient method for anyone to gain body flexibility, loosen up knotted muscles and stiff joints.

  • From athletes to dancers
  • Desk bound office workers
  • Home makers
  • Pregnant women
  • Teenagers & Students
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