29 May 2020

Did You Know? There are 81 different herbal extracts that are natural anti-inflammatory agents. 

“You’re heaty.” This may be a childhood phrase that strikes a familiar chord, one that you’ve probably gotten from a member of the older generation, or the Chinese sinseh (Chinese physician) your mom had taken you to for that persistent fever that wouldn’t go away. Generally, this translates to an inflammatory condition, and most would cringe at the mention of it, especially with the potential pain and ordeal that comes with the symptoms.  

Fanning The Flames Of Disharmony

The truth of the matter is, inflammation is a natural body defense mechanism that's only triggered when the body has experienced “harmful” stimuli, which may include a damaged cell, invasion from a pathogen or an irritant. Inflammation will spark off the repair and recovery process, however, a vicious cycle may also occur where the initial inflammation induces further inflammation, which may result in chronic inflammation that can cause severe cellular and tissue damage. Examples of chronic inflammatory conditions include chronic pain, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and even diabetes, cancer, and many more.

This may be the very reason why most would turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat inflammatory conditions. Since conventional western medication serves mainly to alleviate symptoms, this effectively “switches” off the initial inflammatory response – and the recovery and repair process along with it. On the contrary, TCM philosophy believes in getting to the root of the issue, to correct the invasion of wind, heat, cold or dampness due to the external environment and eliminate any obstruction to qi and blood flow to restore harmony. 

Sparks Your Recovery With TCM


By inserting fine needles into various acupoints in the body, acupuncture can reduce inflammation by freeing up the flow of stagnated blood and qi, enabling the body to repair wounds, infections and more while alleviating pain and inflammation. In addition, acupuncture will also stimulate the release of endorphins in the body, which will reduce stress and prevent inflammatory responses. Studies have shown that chronic stress may lead to increased immune cells into the blood stream, resulting in increased inflammation. Acupuncture will eliminate this risk by playing a critical role in reducing stress and anxiety.

Herbal Prescriptions

Besides acupuncture, there are many natural ways to reduce the inflammatory response in the body.  These include herbal prescriptions and supplements. Through a TCM diagnostic, your TCM physician can prescribe the right set of herbs in that form of a concoction or formula that will aid and prevent extended inflammatory conditions.   

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