08 May 2020
Primary results of a clinical trial for using high doses of a diabetes drug to treat obesity were announced today, and the effectiveness is underwhelming at best.

Novo Nordisk, the world’s largest producer of insulin, manufactures liraglutide. The drug is currently used to treat Type-2 diabetes under the brand name Victoza. The ongoing study is being conducted to find the effectiveness of treating obesity by injecting patients with liraglutide.

In a company announcement, Novo Nordisk revealed that patients in the trial only achieved a 6% weight loss with the highest dose of liraglutide. Since patients given a placebo lost 2% of their body weight, the results are adjusted to just a 4% weight loss using liraglutide.

The results of the trial of this premium-priced drug may have alarmed investors, and shares in the company dropped after the announcement. The lackluster numbers may also disappoint patients hoping for a quick fix for obesity.

This study suggests further evidence that the best weight loss measures are natural and gradual. Many patients battling obesity turn to chiropractors, who can help patients with a weight loss plan to reduce back pain and other health problems.
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