Your Guide to TCM Herbs and Remedies
The Indians have Ayurveda, the Japanese have Reiki, and the Chinese have Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for short.
Benefits of Cupping
Chances are we would have seen glimpses of circular purplish marks peeking out from under the clothes of others and as alarming as they make look
How does acupuncture help with anxiety, stress and depression?
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of life energy through your body is referred to as 'qi'.
How to manage post-surgery pains
You've just woken up from surgery and mercifully the pain remains at bay but then a few hours in, a dull ache starts and by the end of the day, after a long battle of trying to avoid taking medication, you're in unexplainable agony and cave.
5 Ways To Treat Muscle Tears
Muscle tears or strain and pulls broadly refer to damage to a muscle or connected tendons surrounding the muscle.