Why Women Get More Migraines Than Men
Nearly 18% of women are plagued with chronic migraine, compared to just 6% of men, according to epidemiological studies.
Pilates May Reduce Risk of Falls in Elderly
You may not picture your grandma pulling off complicated Pilates moves, but a recent study suggests it may be her ticket to avoiding dangerous falls.
Chiropractic Effective for Thumb Arthritis
Chiropractic treatments could improve symptoms in patients with thumb arthritis, according to new research.
Tips to Avoid Text Neck
​In this age of mobile devices and smartphones, more and more patients are being diagnosed with neck pain associated with looking down at a screen.
Chiropractic Helps Arthritis Patients with Neck Pain
Atlantoaxial osteoarthritis is a condition causing severe neck pain and reduced range of motion.
Boy Gets Better Grades, Less Headaches with Chiropractic
Many parents of children suffering from headaches and neck pain have considered chiropractic treatments.
Exercise Reduces Risk of Back Pain in Pregnancy
Pregnant women who exercise are less likely to suffer from back pain compared to those who don’t, according to new research.
Chiropractic Provides Holistic Care for Older Adults
An estimated 14% of patients treated by chiropractors are 65 and older.
Too Much Facebook Time Could Lead to Back Pain in Teens
Now more than ever, kids are spending an increasing amount of time sitting in front of computer screens as they surf the web
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