TCM For Athletes: Change The Game
Hit a plateau in peak performance?
TCM For Neck & Shoulder Pain: Lift The Ache Off Your Shoulders
Chronic neck and shoulder pain may seriously impact your quality of life.
Shot In The Arm: TCM For Boosting Muscle Strength & Pain Relief
Did You Know? The spleen is responsible for nourishing joint muscles, converting essential nutrients into qi and blood.
TCM For Headaches & Migraine: Lift The Ache Off Your Shoulders
Did You Know? Migraine is the third most common condition in the world, affecting 1 in 7 people.
Frayed Ends Of Mobility: TCM For Joint Pain
Did You Know? Knee osteoarthritis is one of the world’s most common joint diseases and the number one cause of pain and disability in the elderly.
TCM For Insomnia: Getting Stressed Over No Rest?
Did You Know? Every organ in the body performs recovery, detox and repairs while it is asleep.
TCM For Inflammation: Blazing Up The Recovery Trail
Did You Know? There are 81 different herbal extracts that are natural anti-inflammatory agents.
Losing Your Nerves? TCM For Fibromyalgia
Did You Know? Fibromyalgia is a rare autoimmune disease that affects an estimated 6% of the world population.
TCM & Back Pain: Restoring Your Body’s Natural State of Equilibrium
You have been doing some annual spring-cleaning and bending over to move some heavy objects around the
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