How important is your tongue in TCM?
Did you know that a glance at your tongue by a trained TCM practitioner could determine a lot about your health?
Your Guide to Orthotics!
Stemming from the Greek word ‘ortho’ meaning to straighten or align, orthotics are, simply put, external devices that help in correctly aligning or improving the functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.
Your Guide to TCM Herbs and Remedies
The Indians have Ayurveda, the Japanese have Reiki, and the Chinese have Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for short.
Benefits of Cupping
Chances are we would have seen glimpses of circular purplish marks peeking out from under the clothes of others and as alarming as they make look
How does acupuncture help with anxiety, stress and depression?
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of life energy through your body is referred to as ‘qi’.
How to manage post-surgery pains
Pain doesn’t have to be suppressed with medicine; there are alternatives that serve the same purpose albeit without straining the liver to rid the body of unwanted by-products.
5 ways to treat muscle tears
Muscle tears or strain and pulls broadly refer to damage to a muscle or connected tendons surrounding the muscle.
Therapeutic Stretch
Therapeutic Stretch, also known asstretch therapy,is designed predominantly to treat individuals in regaining muscle functionality that has been affected overtime.
TCM & Pain Management: Needling The Facts On Acupuncture
DID YOU KNOW? The efficacy of acupuncture for pain management is recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO
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